We are an independent garden centre and gift shop situated just outside the entry kiosks at Banham Zoo in South Norfolk

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Visit us for plants, pots, seeds, tools, gardening sundries, composts, stone ornaments & bird baths, timber products, rockery stones & gravels, garden wildlife & pet supplies, houseplants, floristry sundries, gifts & greetings cards, preserves & chutneys, sweets & snacks. 

Update 14th May - centre remains closed to visitors at present but we continue to offer local delivery, and can now offer pre-arranged collection.
Please phone 01953 888043 9.30am-5pm any day except Tuesday and Wednesday, to let us know your requirements.
Thank you for your support, keep safe and keep gardening!

Ken also writes 'Garden Jottings' for the local Six Villages Newsletter, and his article for April 2020 follows - 

It seems many of us may be having a bit more ‘at home’ time than usual over the next few months, but self-isolation isn’t all bad - no travelling on overcrowded transport, no meetings in stuffy offices, no crowds to squeeze through, just your own safe surroundings to stay in… but how will you occupy your time? TV perhaps - no! housework - definitely no! DIY - no again! It’s time to get outside and make 2020 the Year of Your Garden; enjoy fresh air and a bit of gentle exercise, accompanied by truly amazing flora and fauna, it’s a great tonic for us all!

Gardens have always been a sanctuary, a place to retreat to, calm and tranquil spaces away from everything. Being in or looking onto a green space allows you time to pause and consider the things that are important to you. Like the weather, you can’t change what’s happening around you, but in the confines of your own plot you are master of all you see, so with a bit of time and effort you can make a place you’ll really want to be in.

Whatever your garden looks like there’s always something to do, whether it’s a quick tidy up, a complete refresh, or just a simple task such as planting up a couple of stylish pots with colourful flowers. You could take the opportunity to prepare an area for ‘grow your own’, and discover a few taste sensations and prove once and for all that fresh is always best. You can start off a lot of seeds now in trays or small pots, and transfer them into their final growing positions later on, but be aware that root crops such as carrots, parsnips and swede are tap-rooted and resent being shifted about. If you’re at home with the kids, get them involved, the magic of runner beans winding upwards, or the anticipation of a large pumpkin for Halloween usually catches the imagination. Don’t forget giant sunflowers as well, these can create a bit of fun rivalry between siblings or friends, and when the show’s over, cut off the seed heads and leave them for the birds to enjoy.

Encouraging wildlife into your garden is always a pleasure, and by providing clean water, shelter, and a reliable source of quality food you’ll keep them coming back. Make a list of all the different species you see and the number visiting at any one time to get an indication of the health of your garden. It’s not only the obvious birds, bees, butterflies, hedgehogs, frogs and toads that you’ll attract, there’s also a lot of beneficial bugs and beasties to accommodate, so leave a patch a little wild for these to occupy as their own special sanctuary!

Cheers, Ken
The Garden Enclosure, Banham 01953 888043

From our Enclosure to your Enclosure - local delivery service available, please phone us for all your garden, wild bird and pet supplies!

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